# UNS Core Docker Compose Management

# Main management commands

# Get UNS Core version from Docker image

docker image inspect --format="{{ index .Config.Labels \"org.label-schema.version\"}}" universalnamesystem/core:livenet

Replace livenet by sandbox for Sandbox images

# Reference Docker Compose File

From configuration file we can see that 2 services will be started: the node and its database.

You also have 2 volumes mounted on the file system (for node and database files) and a local network for services communication.

# The database service

Based on postgres (version 11 and Linux alpine) (opens new window), it exposes a single port (5432) and requires environment variables (for db name, user name and password). These variables must match with those provided in the node service (see below).

# The node service

The node service is based on our universalnamesystem/core image (latest tag).

It has two exposed ports; for p2p (4102) and for API (4103), and mount 3 volumes (for logs, forger secret and configuration files).

Some environment variables are set :

  • for the database (port, user name, user password and db name)
  • for the network (here it's livenet, it means that it'll connect to other uns.network livenet nodes, you can use sandbox too)
  • and the forger secret (line FORGER_SECRET, commented by default).