# Understanding uns.network

uns.network is the shortname of Universal Name System Network.

uns.network is the distributed network and the protocol dedicated to handle IDs rooted in the blockchain, aiming to secure any web and mobil connections, and to protect the user's privacy.

uns.network and its IDs are the backbone of the Uni-name solutions :

  • my Unikname : personal user's ID to replace email and password, and to control their own data over the web.
  • Unikname Connect : the easiest and safest authentication solution for any saas platforms and mobile apps.
  • Unikname Certificate Proofing : the solution to secure mobile apps against falsified SSL X509 certificates and against man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Unikname Anti-Phishing : the solution that inhibits phishing hacks attempts.

uns.network has been designed to be used easily by everyone who needs to integrate self-sovereign identifiers in their software and applications.

# Key Benefits

If you're a Network Player, uns.network represents an opportunity to participate, to contribute and to get valuable rewards with a viable decentralized solution. You're going to contribute to securing the first Decentralized IDentifiers (DID) operational blockchain with its easy to understand use case.

If you're a User, uns.network offers highly secure and highly available backbone solution to manage connections with your users, customers and partners. Don't care about what's under the hood, let's play with user oriented Unikname solutions.

# Core Design

uns.network features include :

  • Enhanced Sovereign IDs (also called DID for Decentralized IDentifiers), protected against spoofing, anonymous, with a managed lifecycle.
  • Personal Data Registry, under sole user's control, with permissioned access.
  • Network Players considered as service providers, with rewarding per services.
  • Reward guarantees due to the business model and the token economy.
  • Fully decentralized Governance model (target design).
  • Scalable network, with possible gateway redundancy.
  • Very High Availability with unlimited and cheap relay nodes.

# Under the hood

uns.network blockchain runs with a token used to secure the network and to rewards network players. uns.network blockchain works also with another token, the UNIK Token, a NFT Token representing @unikname or any other Identifiers.

# Our networks

To have a secured network we must test and make new features approved by our community. Moreover it leads to decrease functional and technical issues.

To do that, we're maintaining 2 public networks :

  • SANDBOX: development network (equivalent to testnet or devnet on other blockchains). Used to test and discuss new features with community before making them available for all. Tokens are valueless (you can get them for free from the faucet. Use them to test next features and your apps based on UNIK tokens.

  • LIVENET: main network (equivalent to mainnet on other blockchains). Here it's real. Tokens are valuable and you must use them with caution. This network will be available soon.