# uns.network key concepts

Here we discribe key concepts of the UNS network. Those concepts are designed, but not all of them are implemented yet. Please, wait a little bit more to try everthing, and look at up right now what the future will be!

Usefull words

'UNIK' is the name of the token representing a single @unikname within the uns.network blockchain.

'NFT' Stands for Non Fungible Token. All UNIKs tokens are NFTs. NFT differs from a traditional coin or utility token as it is not divible (not fongible), and each one is unique.

# Cryptography Overview

# Cryptography within uns.network blockchain

In the blockchain world you must rely on cryptography to make it happends! uns.blockchain cryptography is based on ARK.IO basics augmented with specificties related to Decentralized IDs and Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure requirements.

# Understanding IDs rooted in uns.network blockchain

# Decentralized ID: the UNIK Non Fongible Token

Every @unikname is a unique string of characters, forming a human-readable identifier, easily readable, pronounceable and shareable like an email address. They're built with SafeTypo© technology for a peerless User eXperience. Every @unikname materializes in the form of a Non Fongible Token called UNIK within the uns.network blockchain, and becomes Decentralized IDs, also calle DID.

# Registries of properties

# Types of IDs

@unikname IDs are minted with a type according to their purpose.

# Pattern of IDs

The way the character string formming a @unikname is combined can be classified into patterns. Patterns are used to determine the cost of @unikname and to control @unikname issuance.

# Badges

Each @unikname is assigned trust badges. They provide information on the qualities of UNIK and its involvement in the network.

# Life Cycle Status

Every @unikname have a life cycle status. Before creation, in case of reservation, the @unikname status is Issued. At its creation, it becomes Minted. To being Alive, the @unikname has to sets-up its My Unikname application.

At any moment, a user can aks for a recomputing of his @unikname's life cycle status, but only to its own.

# Understanding Governance of uns.network blockchain

The uns.network blockchain is a DPOS kind of blockchain. It count three separates categories of stakeholders, with specific purpose and interest. They are all involved in the network governance.