# Understanding governance of uns.network blockchain

The uns.network blockchain is a DPOS kind of blockchain. It count three separates categories of stakeholders, with specific purpose and interest. They are:

  • Organization: which make secure confidential connections on their web site ;
  • Individual: which own UNS credits ;
  • Community actors which work for the network only.

Therefore governance is based on delegates colleges, allowing that all @unikname types to be represented. Colleges are organized separately and indepantely. Each network members can only voted for its own represantes and according to rules specific to its college:

  • Organization are forced to vote. At each time than a @unikname is created with organization type, it have to choose a representative. It can be him-self or another member of its college. Each @unikname organization give its poll weighted by its subscription to the Unikname Connect solution. By this way, organization's delegates are garants of the adequacy between uns.network technology and Unikname Connect solution. 10 places are reserved for delegates with type organization.

  • Individual vote only if they want it, but they are strongly encouraged to do it. A poll of a @unikname individual is weighted by its UNS amount but capped by 10,000 UNS. Between two delegates having capitalized the same number of credits among their votes, it will be the voters number who will settle them. So individuals delegates guarentee network security on behalf the most involved users but also on in the name of the bigest part of them. 10 places are reserved for delagtes with the type individual but if they are less than 10 organization delegates, until 10 more individual delegate can be elected. However, as soon as organizations delegates will register, they will take places which are theirs by right.

  • Networks delegates are appointed. They are communotary delegates, registered during the block chain inception. They are exactly three: @uns+labs, @uns+bounty and @uns+support. They purpose is to boost inovations, issues corrections and activity in the community.

In total, they are 23 actors which are securize the network by representing all spectrum of uns.network stakholders.