# Decentralized ID token

# @unikname

In the Internet-era, identifiers are everywhere. We share them by phone or we write them down to our friends and family. We do not want them to be complex, we like when they’re expressed in our language and we love when they are unique and personalized. Designed for everyday uses, these human-readable identifiers are links to any kind of encoded and enigmatic identifiers such as cryptocurrencies addresses, URL, phone numbers… Those identifiers are unique by design and truly belong to their owners, we call them @unikname.

Every @unikname is a unique string of characters, forming a human-readable identifier, easily readable, pronounceable and shareable like an email address.

Example of @unikname


# SafeTypo© technology

Every @unikname is a string built with SafeTypo© technology for a peerless User eXperience. SafeTypo is an algorithm we've designed to build trustworthy Human-Readable identifiers. They're easily readable, pronounceable and communicable safely regarding spoofing and typosquatting risks.

This string is composed of unicode characters belonging to the SafeTypo© international alphabet. It's a serie of digits, letters denominated in a specific alphabet or script, and separators.

Example of @unikname secured with SafeTypo in an international context:


The identifier built upon the @unikname string don't care about upper case/lower case, about accent, about separators, and take into account confusing characters.

@Alice101 has the same identifier as @alïce-1.O.1. This is the same @unikname with a single owner. Once minted on the blockchain, users can use any equivalent typo to share and resolve their @unikname.

# UNIK: the Non-Fungible Token

IDs rooted in uns.network blockchain are called Decentralized IDs, or DIDs. Every DID materializes in the form of a Non Fongible Token called UNIK within the uns.network blockchain.

Every @unikname string is obfuscated with a 64 characters string hash. This hash is unique and called the unikid of a @unikname. Since this unikid is minted with the passphrase of the owner, the uns.network blockchain creates the UNIK Non-Fongible Token of the @unikname. It becomes a Decentralized ID.

@jack-Sparrow DID UNIK Token is 10e7052bbc0b914d4d9bb88db916a366258569b7e1b1c9e5c47cef2fc37deedb

# Universal ID and resolver

The expected format of a DID of kind "UNIK" is: [@][unik:][type:]explicitValue[?propertyKey|?*].