# Understanding @unikname Pattern

Every @unikname is a unique string of characters, forming a human-readable identifier. This string is composed of unicode characters belonging to the SafeTypo© international alphabet. It's a serie of digits, letters denominated in a specific alphabet or script, and separators. The way the character string is combined can be classified into patterns.

Pattern is used to determine the cost of @unikname and to control @unikname issuance:

  • Licences of NFT-Factories are granted by Pattern
  • Potentially confusing @unikname are highlighted
  • @unikname launches are organized by Pattern

Patterns provides following informations about @unikname:

  • The type of @unikname
  • The scripts used
  • The group of length
  • Similarities with other famous character string

jack-sparrow-idcard-pattern example of pattern displayed in the metadata section of @jack-sparrow


Pattern is calculated from the @unikname string. It's not a disclosed information unless the @unikname itself has been disclosed by its owner.

# The type of @unikname

Patterns provides information about the type of the @unikname: Individual, Organization or Network.

# The scripts used

Patterns provides information about the scripts of characters uses to form a @unikname. A script is a group of alphabets, for example Latin script includes French, Spanish, Italian, German and other alphabets.

For the time being the following scripts are managed:

  • Digit
  • Latin


Separators are ignored when determining the script element of a Pattern of a @unikname.


Unicode characters that make up the SafeTypo© alphabet are listed in the public SafeTypo github repository.

# The group of length

Patterns provide information about the group of length of the @unikname. This is an information that complements the type and the script.

For example for a @unikname of type individual and composed of Latin characters stands in the following group of lengths:

  • Tiny: 4 to 5 characters
  • Short: 6 to 7 characters
  • Medium: 8 to 14 characters
  • Long: more than 14 characters


Separators are ignored when determining the length of a Pattern of a @unikname.

Length is calculated with the shortest number of characteres in case of confusing letters. See SafeTypo© algorythm for more information.

# Similarities with other famous character string

Is Like Description
No likeness No identified similarities
Single char The @unikname string is composed of a serie of a single character
Looks like TLD The @unikname string ends with main TLD letters: "com", "net", "gov", "edu", "org", "mil", "int"

The list of similarities can be extended.