# Creating @unikname for an organization

# Installing the uns.network CLI

The uns.network Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to manage your @unikname and Unikname apps directly from the terminal. It’s an essential part of using uns.network.




GitHub version

Download the 64-bit installer

GitHub version

Download the tarball*

GitHub version

Download the 64-bit tarball*


Download the ARMv7+ tarball*

*: you should then add {TARBALL_EXTRACTION_FOLDER}/bin into your PATH environment variable in order to be able to run uns command.

Alternate installation modes are also available in the CLI documentation.

On Windows

Execute the file downloaded to procede to installation. Windows may display a warning, but don't worry, just continue the procedure.*

You can check that your installation is finished by entering uns into your command prompt. You should see the following menu :

$ uns
UNS.network CLI

  @uns/cli/X.X.X XXX XXX

  $ uns [COMMAND]

  cryptoaccount  Manage Crypto Account (`uns cryptoaccount` to display Crypto Account commands)

If you want more details about the CLI and tips to use it, check the CLI documentation. You are now ready for the next step !

# Creating your cryptoaccount

# Creating and saving your cryptoaccount informations

Your cryptoaccount is required for all the following steps. To create it, just execute the following command: cryptoaccount:create. Here is an example of what you are supposed to see on your command prompt.

uns cryptoaccount:create
» :warn: This information is not saved anywhere. You need to copy and save it by your own.;
  "network": "livenet"


You have to copy and save preciously these informations! If you lose these informations, you'll also lose access to your cryptoaccount and your @unikname.

# Using a COUPON to create the organization @unikname

Creating an organization @unikname requires a COUPON. If you have one, you can continue. Otherwise, go to the UNS Forum to request one.

# Create your @unikname

Once you have your coupon, all you have to do is create your @unikname!

Don't forget to backup and secure your passphrase, it will allow you to retrieve access to your @unikname in case you change your device. Neither uns.network, nor Unikname will be able to give you back access to your @unikname.

With uns.network CLI you can create your own UNIK token using unik:create command.

Choosing the @unikname

Choose the @unikname wisely. Indeed, it'll be disclosed to other people and they'll know you by this @unikname and once you've chosen a name, you won't be able to change it.

As example, for creating the UNIK organization token SpaceElephant with the coupon you have received:

$ uns unik:create --explicitValue "SpaceElephant" --type organization --coupon "HERE_THE_COUPON"
Enter your crypto account passphrase (12 words phrase): ***************************
  "data": {
    "id": "ccabe13311350a306d510c3484889a151eda9a1b61b5fe4d346fd3b1eeb42c25",
    "transaction": "4bcde02ec632bd5531aa8710b0a13f469a59caec910dc610d46f6b8ebdcaf9ac",
    "confirmations": 1


Write somewhere your unikId (id here, with value ccabe13311350a306d510c3484889a151eda9a1b61b5fe4d346fd3b1eeb42c25)! You need it in the following instructions.

# Checking the creation of the @unikname in the Explorer

With the transaction id given into your command prompt, you can check the @unikname creation through the explorer. Look for the @unikname by its unikId in the search bar on the top.

You can also directly go to https://explorer.uns.network/${unikid} in your browser. For example, https://explorer.uns.network/uniks/ccabe13311350a306d510c3484889a151eda9a1b61b5fe4d346fd3b1eeb42c25 for the @unikname SpaceElephant.

And now, let's go registering your organization as a delegate.