# uns.network CLI alternate installation modes

# Installation from sources

# Requirements

uns.network CLI installation requires some dependencies to be installed.

# Node.js

Install a stable version of Node.js (10 or 12): https://nodejs.org/en/download/.

uns.network CLI doesn't work on earlier (6, 8).

# Compilation tools

Even if the uns.network CLI is written in a cross-operating system language (Javascript), it requires native dependencies which need to be compiled for your operating system.

You need:

  • gcc/g++
  • Python v2.7 (retired, avoid if possible), v3.5, v3.6, or v3.7

Most of the times, theses tools are already installed. If not, you can read on the Unikname Forum how to install them for your operating system.

If still you need help to install theses tools, you can get support on the Unikname Forum.

# Installation with NPM

As NPM is provided by NodeJS package, you can use it to install uns.network CLI as global command ("sudo mode" might be required, depending on your NodeJS installation).

[sudo] npm install -g @uns/cli

Test your installation with

uns version

which should output something like that:

$ uns version
@uns/cli/x.y.z linux-x64 node-v10.16.3

If you fail to install the CLI, you can get support on the Unikname Forum.

Note If you want, you can also use Yarn instead of NPM to install the uns.network CLI from sources.