# Wallets

# Basic Wallets

Both UNS and UNIK tokens are manageable with a command line interface (CLI). But this is not really user-friendly.

ArkEcosystem comes with a lot of out-of-the-box tools for bridgechains like UNS. Among those tools, we have the awesome Desktop Wallet which is fully compatible with uns.network. From a single wallet application, you can manage your ARK AND UNS tokens easily. By default, the app connects to Ark.io mainnet. But with a simple configuration, you can connect it to uns.network too. Let's do it !

# How to setup the default ARK Desktop Wallet to work with UNS tokens

⚠️ this tutorial has been written for the Ark desktop wallet verion 2.6. It could not work properly with newer versions.

First of all, download and install the app for your platform : https://ark.io/wallet (works with Windows, macOS and Linux)

You must setup the wallet for ARK tokens first, then you will be able to setup the wallet to work with the UNS tokens.

So, follow Ark instructions on how to setup and use the application.

From now, you should have a perfectly configured desktop application to manage your ARK tokens. To manage UNS tokens it's simple and it requires only two additional steps:

  • setup a new network configuration
  • create a new dedicated profile.

# step 1. Setup the uns.network configuration

Go to manage network section (bottom-left of navigation bar).

Then click on : Add a new network (top-right)

Fill inputs:

  • name: UNS Sandbox
  • description: uns.network SANDBOX
  • seed server:

And click on Fetch to automatically get full node configuration (like token name, explorer url or wallet derivation keys).

Guess what 🤔, you've just completed the first step to configure your wallet ! Congrats 🎉

# step 2. Create a dedicated profile

Click on your profile (last item of navigation bar).
Then Add profile (top-left). add-profile

Fill-in all inputs like you did for Ark profile.
Now, in step 2. Network you can choose the freshly appeared UNS Sandbox item.

At the end, you should have a fully configured Desktop wallet able to transfer UNS tokens, create uns.network wallets, vote for uns.network delegates, or any other features inherited from ArkEcosystem.

If you want to start playing, you can get SUNS from the FAUCET.

NOTA: Management of UNIK tokens is not able with the default Ark Wallet, it requires the installation of the Unikname APP.

# Unikname APP

The Unikname mobile APP is not only an app to manage your owns @uniknames and its properties. The Unikname mobile APP is also, and before all, a wallet. This APP embed cryptographic and secured features like handling pass phrase, handling private keys and calculating public addresses.

So the Unikname mobile APP is the prefered user APP to manage @uniknames but also UNS tokens, UNIK tokens, and to trigger transactions requiring tokens.